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Carthage, Texas, is a historic town that provides many incredible experiences for visitors. Carthage is known for its peaceful way of life, friendly atmosphere, and live country music that echoes throughout the city. Between lovely surroundings, outdoor adventures, and quaint downtown, Carthage has everything you need for a quiet escape. 

Henderson RV Park helps you enjoy your getaway in Carthage, Texas, by providing the leading RV campgrounds. If you’re looking for the ideal RV park to enjoy the Texas countryside, Henderson RV Park has you covered. 

Outstanding Amenities

Carthage campground at Henderson RV Park offers outstanding amenities for every guest who comes to visit. Whether you are a short or long-term RVer, our amenities can provide an easy, stress-free experience. These amenities include: 

Free WiFi
Shower & bathroom facilities
Water & sewage connections
Close to excellent restaurants, shops, and sites
Close to outdoor activities like hiking, fishing, and boating
Near Carthage’s beautiful downtown area
40 expansive sites and hookups
Pet friendly
Beautiful, serene atmosphere
Easy & level parking

Explore Dallas

When staying at Henderson RV Park, you can easily take a short road trip to Dallas. A little over two hours away, Dallas offers a unique adventure for all who visit. With a diverse and eclectic city, Dallas is a beautiful place to visit for exciting sightseeing, delicious meals, or outstanding shopping. Many areas in the city make it a perfect destination for a day of adventure. 

Our Staff

The staff at Henderson RV Park goes above and beyond to help every guest and long-term RVer feel comfortable and at ease during their stay. They are here to help you with any problem, concern, or question. They can also help recommend nearby restaurants, adventures, or hiking trails for those who want to explore the outdoors.  Our Carthage campground staff works to provide the best experience and are passionate about what they do. Whether you are here for a week or starting a new life, the staff at Henderson RV Park has you covered.

Things To Do

If you are visiting Carthage and our Henderson RV Park, there are many exciting and family-friendly experiences for visitors. Carthage is a quaint and quiet town known for its history in the gas and music industry. Whether you are embarking on a solo adventure or creating memories with your family, there is a little something for everyone in Carthage, Texas.

Texas Country Music Hall Of Fame

The Texas Country Music Hall of Fame was founded in Carthage in 1998 and highlights the famous country music artists who have changed the music industry. There are hundreds of exhibits and over 13,000 square feet of incredible history. They also hold frequent performances, lectures, and events that guests can attend. The Texas Music Country Hall of Fame is an incredible adventure the whole family can enjoy.  

Footprints In The Sand Monument

The Footprints In The Sand Monument is a beautiful, serene place in the heart of Carthage. The monument is a fantastic location to picnic, relax, or enjoy the beautiful nature. Visitors can stop by and enjoy the scenic views at no charge, as the monument is a sign of friendship, love, and what makes Carthage special.

Davis Park

Davis Park is a great way to enjoy the open Texas sky and relax in nature. At Davis Park, your kids can enjoy the playground while you relax at a nearby picnic spot. You can hike through nature or bring your dog for some outdoor excitement. Davis Park is a great spot for those looking to enjoy the outdoors.

Texas Tea Room

The Texas Tea Room is a delightful bakery in a beautiful historical building in the quaint downtown of Carthage. It’s a delicious hidden gem you can enjoy for a small bite or a unique lunch. Visitors love the Texas Tea Room for its charm, baked goods, and rich history. 

Pam & Mia’s Little Bit Of Everything

Downtown Carthage has many fun and exciting stores for those looking for an eccentric shopping trip. Pam & Mia’s Little Bit Of Everything is just one of the unique shops in Carthage. True to its name, this boutique has a little bit of everything and adds a vintage charm to its eccentric finds. If you are looking for the perfect shopping trip, downtown Carthage is the perfect location.

Comfortable Rates

Henderson RV Park offers outstanding rates for the camping ground near Carthage. We want all visitors to feel comfortable and welcome on their trip, so we’ve worked to create affordable rates no matter how long you plan to stay. Our rates include: 

  • $45 Per Night 
  • $200 Per Week 
  • $400 Per Month 

We want those searching for alternative housing to feel like Henderson RV Park is the perfect place to call home. Affordable housing has never been more important, and Henderson RV Park proudly offers inclusive rates for every long-term RVer. 

Why Visit Henderson RV Park?

Henderson RV Park is an outstanding campground that goes above and beyond for every visitor. For those looking for an incredible experience near Carthage, Texas, Henderson RV Park has everything you need for a relaxing and comfortable stay. You should visit our camping ground for many reasons, aside from the stunning scenery and perfect location. 

Henderson RV Park has outstanding amenities, helpful staff, and affordable rates to ensure every guest has a comfortable and peaceful stay. The staff at Henderson RV Park understands the importance of creating a safe, serene, and comfortable environment so your RV trip is stress-free. When you visit Henderson RV Park, you can expect one of the best RV experiences that creates memories and fun for the whole family. 

The Top RV Park In Carthage, Texas

Henderson RV Park is the perfect spot for a relaxing getaway in the Texas countryside. Our staff goes above and beyond to provide every guest with a comfortable, unique experience. Our campgrounds are clean, peaceful, and accommodating for everyone who comes to stay. You can expect the top amenities, environment, and experience when you book at Henderson RV Park.


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